kenya: loita plains


We stayed in a tented bush camp in the Loita Plains, surrounded by Maasai rangelands, for the penultimate leg of our journey.  Surrounded by Maasai rangelands, it was a landscape dotted with scrub, Acacia trees, and termite mounds frequented by Aardvarks (although we never spotted the elusive creatures).  Incredibly, we were served the best food of the trip: 3-course meals prepared by a professional chef in an open-air camp kitchen.  

While staying in the camp, our Maasai guide, David, took us to visit his family village and the local Maasai community.  At first we were worried about being perceived as insensitive tourists but we were warmly received and felt, ultimately, that both cultures had shared something of themselves with each other.  We ate a Christmas Day lunch next to the site where the organizers of our Safari, Merry and David, are building schools and community facilities for the Maasai community.

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