kenya: lake naivasha


The second stop on our Kenyan journey was Lake Naivasha and the surrounding area.  Sitting in the highest part of the Kenyan Rift Valley, the lake is home to hundreds of bird species and a large population of hippos.  Unfortunately, Lake Naivasha also suffers from serious environmental problems due to agro-pollution and overuse of water by huge floriculture operations (particularly roses) and the recent introduction of invasive water hyacinth which is choking its shores.

We stayed at a lodge on the shores of the lake where cactus-eating giraffe, curious monkeys, and bovine water bucks roamed the grounds during the day.  When walking around at night, we were required to be accompanied by a guard for fear of being attacked by hippos that came up from the water to munch on grass.

Note:  The flamingos are actually on the adjacent Lake Oloidien