Marsa Community Centre

The sketch below shows in a very diagrammatic way some early ideas for the interior volumes of the community centre building that will bridge the canal at the Marsa Open Centre.  The sequence as you enter the building from the street (bottom right) might go something like this: You enter a tall space with a terrace of large stairs rising up directly ahead of you.  The lower terraces are empty and some people are sitting on them like they would on amphitheatre seating.  The upper terraces have desks and computers on them facing the street.  A stair to the right of the terracing brings you up about 4 or 5 metres to a second level.  The view opens up to the left towards the harbour and to the right down the canal toward the hills.  This space is a reading room with bookshelves on one wall directly in front of you.  The hallway (in brown) leads you past a series of rooms on the left that seem to contain meeting rooms and classrooms.  A spiral stair at the end of the building leads you down into the grounds of the Marsa Open Centre.  Alternatively, there is access to the roof of the building that the community centre rests on where there is a garden and seating overlooking the Centre.