Sketch models

This series of "sketch models" show the initial development of my overall vision for the Marsa Open Centre.  The clay model was made midway through and, while crude and lumpy,  for me it comes the closest so far to embodying the true feeling that I want to achieve in my proposal.  The psychedelic colours in the paper models represent materials, program, and processes of remediation rather than what the actual project would look like when built. Blue > recreation

Pink > public space

Green > vegetation and plant-based bioremediation

Wavy silver > water/plant-based bioremediation

Yellow > circulation

Orange > gabion walls

The following model is the latest version.  It shows the first stage of my proposal for the Marsa Open Centre.  I have dealt mainly with the outdoor spaces here - the canal edge, the public spaces, remediation - but I have also suggested a library that bridges the canal creating a new entrance to the Centre as well as the re-use of an abandoned building as an olive oil mill.