The threshold imagined

As part of the "preparatory work" before our trip to Malta, I have been given the assignment to - this is going to sound absurd - imagine a condition on a real site in Malta and represent that condition in some way without actually seeing the site.  I am assured that this is a "sophisticated architectural activity" but I know nothing of those kinds of activities so who am I to question?  The condition we are interested in should involve some sort of threshold situation. Architects freaking love thresholds and have adopted the word and twisted its meaning in order to suit their evil, confusing ways.  In basic, non-archispeak terms, a threshold could imply a transitional point between two places such as indoors and outdoors or between materials such as stone and wood.  In more abstract terms it could imply the point between hot and cold or other things that make my poor, practical brain hurt.  Anyways.

Here is my site:

Some thoughts:

It is kind of non-specific because I do not actually know the exact location of the Marsa Open Centre but I believe it is somewhere in that circle.  The Centre and its position within a large urban area of Malta offers a number of interesting threshold possibilities.  For example, there is the the threshold between the Centre and the rest of the city.  What does that look like?  It is supposed to be "open" but are there security concerns manifested in fences or walls or security cameras?  How connected is the Centre with the rest of Marsa?

There is also a cultural threshold at work - the one between African migrants and the Maltese people.  There are obvious differences and conflicts at work there.  How can one represent a cultural or religious threshold and in what physical space does that exist?  The centre itself also seems to exist on a threshold in that it appears to be situated on the periphery of Marsa, in the docklands.  Interesting.