Program and the fourth (?) dimension

It is something that we are told confidently by our professors at architecture school inciting everyone to accept it as the Gospel Truth and nod their head in unison:  time is the fourth dimension and you shall incorporate this dimension into your drawings and models.  As with most things that architecture professors tell us, the truth does not seem to be so simple.  Anyways, this post is not about wading into that debate.  This post is about my attempt/struggle to incorporate time into the understanding of my program for the Marsa Open Centre. Below is an early diagram that shows the proposed program for my re-design of the Marsa Open Centre.  I have also attempted to show which parts of the program (such as the community centre and farm) will be shared by the people outside the Centre by overlapping those elements with the Marsa "bubble."    Other program, such as the housing and the job resource centre, will not be accessible to the public so they do not overlap the Marsa bubble.  Pretty simple I think.

What I would like to do now is make this diagram even more instructive by showing the other types of program that will exist and the various connections between them (Are they public or private?  To which territory do they belong?).  Since my project is very much about duration - some program such as housing will be more fluid or temporary while others such as the library will be permanent - it would be useful to incorporate time into this diagram.  This may be as simple as adding a timeline on the x-axis but I am sure I will be encouraged to make it more complicated.  I will resist.

I have also been thinking that it might also be nice to somehow depict the duration of various actors (migrants, Maltese from the community, government workers) as they come into contact with the Marsa Open Centre as well as their connections with different program.  This aspect might be more understandable in a separate diagram or layer.  Another layer might show material flow where I could account for the types of materials that are being used on my site, in which program they are incorporated, and how they might leave as waste or could be re-used.  This chicken illustrates my intention:

Image source:   Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison via Maine Permaculture